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October 1st - 6th   

‘One Man Two Gov’nors’

Market Harbough Drama Society


January  15th - 19th  


The award winning, contemporary and edgy new play by Patrick Marber.

Directed by Mark Bodicoat for the Market Harborough Theatre.

30th & 31st March


(With Broughton Players)

A fun community production of this fairy-tale classic at Broughton Village Hall

Teaching resources

Links to Literacy Strategy objectives and supporting text.

The Actor, Camera & Radio

How different is performing to camera and radio from performing on stage to a live audience? Is it just a matter of ‘less is more’?

Or is there a different bag of tools you need to use to get the story across to the audience?

Part of the Performing Arts course at Leicester College focuses on movement for actors.

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There are no casting requirements at present.

 Workshops for Narrative Text

Interactive drama-based workshops on “Myths and Legends” and “Adventure and Mystery” to support KS2 work on Narrative text, or to accompany related topics across the curriculum.

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‘Reminiscence Theatre’

Making a connection to the past with Care Home residents, through songs, anecdotes and their own stories of a world they remember better than the one they live in now.