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This performance is part of a journey to Easter. You can watch and listen and be moved anew, or you can take part in the journey with us.

The Troubadour seems to be the answer to the prayers of the lost people of the city. They sing praises as he enters the walls of the Ancient City.

Soon afterwards, the Keepers of the Ancient put him on trial, and the same crowd lays their own individual Stones of Accusation in the Scales of Truth.

Hear the Star-Song afresh. You are one of the crowd

that rejoiced to the music of the Troubadour,
 then let him die on the Great Machine of Death.

In 1998 we created a performance based on an allegorical re-telling of the Easter story, but only when Mark Halliday had offered to write the music to create the atmosphere it needed.

This year was the first time we have performed the play since then, and Mark is now fighting his own battle against cancer.

A community project retelling the Easter Story.

Wednesday 31st March at 7:30pm

     Rockingham Road Methodist Church, Corby

Good Friday 2nd April at 7:30p

      St. Andrew’s Church, Broughton

Click here to hear some of the music composed by Mark Halliday